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From 8 to 10 February Marianne Schubert visited artists in Tbilisi (Georgia) as head of the Fine Arts Section.

It was a Georgian woman, working at the Goetheanum, who suggested I should travel to Tbilisi at the beginning of February and visit many Georgian artist’s studios.  Mostly they were members of the Anthroposophical Society and so my visits served to prepare an exhibition at the Goetheanum at Michaelmas

These anthroposophically inspired artists play an important role in the Georgian art scene, some of whom are well known and appreciated: they teach at the State Art Academy, appear on television or show their works at national and international exhibitions.

By visiting the studios I got to know the city of Tbilisi with its many different life styles, some living in very humble situations others in much greater prosperity. But there was another contrast that impressed me: on the outside, often ugly, monumental, prefabricated buildings in poor condition, and inside beauty, sparkling creativity, colours and a wide variety of forms in the pictures. I was touched by the warm hospitality with which I was greeted everywhere, regardless of the circumstances themselves. 

The diversity of the artistic expression is impressive. The picture formats ranged from smaller, some panels measuring 20 to 20 cms. to large canvases of several square metres. The techniques were also very different. While one painter creates his paintings using Stockmar wax crayons, another paints in oil or acrylic, covers the painting with wire mesh and thus creates a special translucent effect. What is striking is the frequent use of biblical motifs.

On the basis of these encounters, I will now start to design the exhibition, raise funds and provide quarters for the artists who would like to participate and show their works at the Goetheanum. So please help me realise this project, I will be very thankful for any donation.

Marianne Schubert, Goetheanum


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