Visual Art SectionSection leader:
Marianne Schubert 
Tel. +41 61 706 41 37
Fax +41 61 706 44 01

Marianne Schubert

Visual Art Section

The Visual Art Section encompasses painting, sculpture, graphics, architecture, interior design and furniture. It also includes artistic therapies based on visual arts, in collaboration with the Medical Section. The work arises out of tasks chosen locally at the Goetheanum and by international committees. The theoretical and practical work of the Visual Art Section arises from its task to cultivate and represent Rudolf Steiner’s suggestions and impulses for these arts. To begin with we have the artistic design of the Goetheanum and its neighboring buildings, and landscaping and building projects handled by the Goetheanum Building Administration. Through changing exhibits we present the work of contemporary artists that base their work on Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy. This has included architecture, interior design and graphic design, for example. The Visual Art Section arranges professional conferences and workshops of various lengths, enabling participants to gain further training and meet professional colleagues and Rudolf Steiner’s work through practical and theoretical exercises. As of 1998, experienced individuals have taken responsibility for specific areas of the Section, handling inquiries, organization and representation.