Painting Workshop

Dorothea und Ronald Templeton
8 – 26 October 2018

We need the ability to perceive as an entry-point to artistic realisation. 

When we busy ourselves with Rudolf Steiner’s sketches for the domes of the first Goetheanum and his sketches for the windows, we receive the material to live into the experience of tracing Rudolf Steiner at work, which leads to the revelation of new perspectives.

A possible method: by copying you begin to train exact observation; by drawing an image, without using one’s eyes, the impression the original drawing made on one’s soul is revealed. That in turn opens the door to creativity and to conceiving a way of expressing the experience. By exchanging views and observations, conversations enhance the process.


COSTS (Excluding materials)
450 CHF, 150 CHF/Week
You can also participate on a day by day basis or week-wise.

Edda Nehmiz, Tel. +41 61 706 44 14,

Goetheanum Art-Workshops February and March 2019

The workshops for Sculpture, Panting, Architecture and Landscape-Art will continue to be preseented by the Visual Ars Section in 2019. Its aim is to create a forum in which people come together to discover Rudolf Steiner’s art impulse and to follow its realisation through his artistic work, so as to open up possibilities for one`s own artistic expression.

In these three-week sessions, the perceptive contemplation of the originals will set the starting point for mutual discussions about art and its relation to one’s present personality and then deal with the question how this can be transformed into works of art reckoning with the complexity of our everyday reality. This implies the schooling of  perception and  reflection in action encourages the development of  processual thinking.

These workshops not only address practicing artists, but also art students and  those who are just keenly interested in art as such. There is plenty room for individual study and research. These workshops take place in close colaboration with the documentation and art collection at the Goetheanum.

Dates for 2019

Sculpture: 04.02.-22.02.2019,
Painting: 25.02.-15.03. 2019,
Architecture+Landscape: 18.03.-29.03. 2019


Edda Nehmiz, Tel. +41 61 706 44 14, E-mail: